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Distribution Services

Alternative Telecom Solutions

Warehouse and Inventory Management Services

ATS will buy, stock and warehouse items for you. We can also manage inventory that you own and provide real-time reports on the items, including value and quantities available and on order. We can also ship these items when and where you want them to go.


We can palletize numerous items, develop one part number for the items, and ship them to your job site or staging facility. We can assemble “kits” for use in many facets of Cell Site development: CSU’s Microwave and Installation Material Kits are a few examples.

 Rack & Stack Assemblies

ATS can install and wire designated components onto an equipment rack and test the installed equipment. We’ll deliver the completed rack to your staging facility or directly to the job site. These Rack & Stack assemblies save you hours of expensive installation time at the job site.